Friday 8 September 2017

Is this the training you've been wanting?

This workshop is designed for individuals and businesses of any size in the Townsville region looking to turn a novel idea into a new product, service or process. SMEs and start-ups, and participants in the Department of State Development's Assistive Devices Hackathon are especially welcome.

If your venture is one of these, and your objective for attending is to gain new skillsets and mindsets relating to commercialising ideas and innovations, please register.

Media consent

We might document the workshop. Your registration indicates you consent to being photographed and/or recorded. The Queensland Government and Impact Innovation Group will only use these images and footage for Innovate Queensland promotional and educational purposes.

Registrations close 4 September (or sooner if fully booked before this date).

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Please note: if the email address you provide begins with info@ or admin@ or ceo@ or a similar generic word, our messages may not reach you.

Work Phone* Mobile Phone*
Enterprise Type (ATO defined)*
Describe the main idea you want to commercialise in a few non-IP disclosing sentences.*
I found out about the workshops from (choose all that apply)*

I have read the notes above and the workshop descriptions on the website and agree that the training I am registering for matches my commercialisation needs.

I understand that preference will be given to people who have not attended an Innovate Queensland Ideas-Driven Business workshop previously.

I understand that my place is fully subsidised and, as a professional person, if I cannot attend I should notify the organisers as soon as possible.